About Us

The craving for food snacks strikes all of us every once in a while, no matter if the person is health conscious or not, a time comes when we need delicious food. To sustain these cravings of our customers, Asian Food came in act for offering mouth-watering food products. For the requirements of customers who seek different tastes, we have included Potato Cheese Chips, Potato Cheese Balls, Garlic Sev, Masala Bundi, Cheeze Balls, Shezwan Puff, and many more, in our range of products. The master chefs in our facility use the finest ingredients such as Besan, Potato, Edible Oils, Spices, etc., to process snack items. Being a manufacturer and exporter of these delighting food products, we assure our customers for the quality and hygiene, that each and every product is prepared and packaged according to international standards. Via regularly promoting and protecting public health, through the supervision and regulation of our food safety, we are FSSAI accredited for our food products.


The top three deciding factors for popularity of foods are packaging, taste and price. Appealing product packaging not only attracts consumers attention but also signifies standards of a company. Being a leading company in the market of snack foods, we make sure that our products are packed in top grade packaging materials so as to ensure safety, freshness and longer shelf life. Packaging material is carefully selected based on the texture and form of product to be packed. The products are packaged in pouches of different sizes. Necessary details such as ingredients, nutritional content, manufacturing/expiry date, etc., are provided on the respective packs. This has enabled us to give a brief information to the consumers regarding the product they buy. We provide our ambit of food products in different sized packs, from 1 kg, 500 gm, 200 gm to 100 gm and 50 gm. Below are some benefits that packaging of our products has given us:-

  • Differentiating our brand from others.
  • Attracted many consumers.
  • Packaging abiding international standards helped us promote them in overseas markets.

Our Team

The team we have, is the backbone that contributed immensely in growth of our company. Our hired team of sincere experts made us believe in setting goals and achieving them through hard work and determination. We have in-house the most experienced and talented chefs in this industry, who give us the most delicious recipes according to which our products are processed. Those recipe instructions are followed by our employees with complete diligence that every ingredient is perfectly balanced to give the best taste. Further, the appointed team of quality examiners, keeps a strict check on each and every process of production so as to ensure that high hygiene and quality standards are maintained.

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